Marketing Automation with OnePageCRM and ActiveCampaign

If you're a current user of OnePageCRM, you’re likely to know about all the features that allows you to segment your leads and customers. Namely you can use Tags, Lead Source and Status Label’s to organize your contacts and then based on a selected filter evaluate the value of each segment. Well guess what, now, you can use all this data to not only segment your data but also to nurture your leads or target groups of users with tailored email campaigns. How are we going to achieve this you may ask? All of this is possible thanks to our newest integration partner ActiveCampaign. 


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E-signature with OnePageCRM and PandaDoc

Getting a signature on a legal document or a contract is the ultimate Next Action for many salespeople around. Signature = sales. The faster your prospect receives your document and the easier it is for him to send it back the more likely you will seal your deal. Of course you want to know, if he got the document (and when) and if any part of the document causes his hesitation - you can of course call him every few hours but it would just make him annoyed - and believe me, annoyed prospects almost never become a customers.

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Integrate your mailbox with OnePageCRM

When you're trying to sell your products or services each additional piece of information with the prospect can help you to build a perfect strategy and ask the right question at the relevant stage of the sales funnel. Since emails are the most common way of reaching out to customers I'm sure you want to see the whole email correspondence with a contact (from any one in your team) within OnePageCRM. Now you can.

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